a. The most common question people want to ask is what will be cost of preparing return.
Unfortunately this is not cookie cutter operation. Every return has different scenarios and different forms requirement. We request you to submit your documents and we will quote. You have option of getting return done or walking away without any obligation.

b. You charged my friend X amount and you are charging me Y.
As explained in earlier question each return is different and fees depend on no of forms required and time spent in preparation.

c. How long will it take to prepare the return.
It entirely depends on client furnishing all form and information at one time then we can turn around in 2-3 days or even earlier.

d. What is the last date for filing.
Normally 04/15,

e. Are you licenced and bonded ?
In CA all registered preparers have to pass IRS specified course and also register with CTEC without which you can’t prepare the tax returns. We have to follow very rigid guidelines of IRS, FTB and CTEC. Also we have to be bonded to prepare returns in CA.

f. Do you efile the tax returns ?
We try to efile all returns except ones which are mandated by IRS to be paper filed like Amendments, ITIN applications etc.

g. Do you assist clients in case of Audits or examinations ?
Being Registered tax preparers we are not authorized to represent client with IRS examiner, however in case of paper notices we can help you reply to those.
Time spent will be on chargeable basis.

For any other questions please feel free to call Vikram (951-347-8922) or email vik@vik.tax.