Penalty Amounts

Other Persons. In the case of any failure relating to a return or claim for refund filed in 2024, the penalty amounts under § 6695 are:

Scenario Per Return or Claim for Refund Maximum Penalty
Failure to furnish copy to taxpayer (§ 6695(a)) $60 $30,000
Failure to sign return (§ 6695(b)) $60 $30,000
Failure to furnish identifying number (§ 6695(c)) $60 $30,000
Failure to retain copy or list (§ 6695(d)) $60 $30,000
Failure to file correct information returns (§ 6695(e)) $60 per return and item in return $30,000
Negotiation of check (§ 6695(f)) $600 per check No limit
Failure to be diligent in determining eligibility for head of household filing status, child tax credit, American Opportunity tax credit, and earned income credit (§ 6695(g)) $600 per failure No limit